About Christian DeBaun

I have always loved photography, and started taking pictures during family vacations in the early 1970’s. I inherited my father’s old Minolta SR-7 in 1977, when I was 15 years old and promptly ran a dozen rolls of film through it. The Minolta died in 1986 (while I was on vacation in St. Martin) and was replaced with a Pentax that lasted me until 1999, when I became an earlier digital adopter. I had one of the first Sony Mavica cameras that used 3.5” floppy disks (remember those?) as the storage media. Since then I’ve gone through a number of digital cameras, and I’m now a solid Canon shooter

I studied film, graphic design, and photography at the Museum School of Fine Arts in the early 1980’s and loved the experience. I was lucky enough to attend some photography classes with Doug and Mike Starn (starnstudio.com) who later went on to become world famous photographers.

I have lived in Charlottesville since 1994, and thoroughly enjoy creating images for my clients that they will treasure forever. I specialize in Wedding Photography, but also available for Portraits, Events, and Commercial Photography, and variety of other things. Drop me a note, and let’s plan some fun photography together!